Sunday, November 19, 2000

your precocious journal entries, frothing over with self-love, make me sick. stop wasting your time. the world doesn't care about you. or me, for that matter. we are insignificant; don't try to pretend otherwise. do not evade the truth. stop fooling yourself. now, take a look around. there. see? everything is the same. nobody noticed you were gone.
how does every religion know it's the ultimate truth? i've been reading about different religions lately, and they all seem fundamentally similar. each has a way of redemption, and most have gods or spirits of some sort to venerate. how can each group condemn all the others? each has "undeniable" evidence for its correctness, which only the members of the group seem to consider undeniable. i've been wondering if your religion matters. maybe we're all esentially the same, but worship God in different ways and with different names. hmm.

Saturday, November 18, 2000

hey anyone who's reading this. i used to be at, but just now decided to move here for pretty much no reason at all. i haven't written anything at scribble for awhile, but i hope to keep this going. please check back at least fairly often for updates; i hope you'll like just a little of what i have to say. i'm going to sleep now... but a real entry should be on its way.